About Bruno

Former airline pilot, Bruno gained valuable experience from a fresh start in delivering exceptional service in a fast-paced and demanding work environment. As a keen entrepreneur, Bruno embarked on his real estate career in 2002, focusing on land development and building small residential communities in the Florida Panhandle. His aim was to provide affordable housing options to first-time buyers, showcasing his commitment to the community. In 2008, Bruno relocated to Miami and immersed himself in understanding the unique real estate market of the area. Despite the challenges of the subprime crisis, Bruno thrived by fostering strong relationships with foreign investors and local community members, creating a loyal network of supporters. Recognizing the need for a personalized and comprehensive approach, Bruno established his firm, Carlton International, where he serves as the Broker and team leader. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of electronic media and interpersonal connections within the industry, Bruno ensures his clients are well informed about the latest market trends, including recent sales, off-market offerings, and market changes. Bruno attributes his success to four core principles: integrity, in-depth market knowledge, understanding the specific needs of his clients, and a strong work ethic. These values have enabled him to build a reputation for excellence within the industry. With almost two decades of experience in real estate sales and acquisition, Bruno now represents a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to corporate executives. His next clients can trust that they will receive personalized attention and exceptional service from Bruno and his team throughout the entire process. Bruno Piotrowski, originally from Paris, France, made the move to Miami, FL in 1995. Bruno graduated from Paris University with a degree in economics and later served his civil duty at the French Naval Academy. Bruno’s enthusiasm for coastal proximity extended his interest in environmental sustainability and his love of exploring in his free time remoted corners of Florida from above in his airplane with his wife and 2 children.

Tell me a bit more about you in his own words:

I love the entire process of helping people. Whether it is assisting a buyer or seller, I find handling these complex transactions to be both captivating and rewarding. Call it the thrill of the hunt. Successfully taking the dreamt vision of a client to the reality of a transaction, from inception to closing, and making that client genuinely happy is what keeps me doing what I do.

My favorite room is probably the kitchen: It is interesting to see how the kitchen has evolved from being purely a place to prepare meals into a gathering spot for the entire family and friends, bringing everyone together after a long, hard day. I personally enjoy cooking and being able to have friends and family over to socialize and fest.

The client’s mindset is that bigger is better. Although there are many excellent agents working for smaller boutique agencies, there is still this perception on the part of many consumers that an agent needs a large “franchise” agency behind them. They don’t.

I grew up in a small home in suburban Paris. It was not so much the house, but more the neighborhood that I loved. We were surrounded by young families and there were always lots of kids outside playing. Football (soccer) in the street, hide and seek, hanging around under the cherry tree on a warm summer night. The memories just go on and on..

Carlton International
333 SE 2nd Ave Suite #2000,
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: +1.305.735-1221

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